About Klassen Concrete


Klassen Concrete is a brand started decades ago when its founder, Ed Klassen began creating trendy garden gnomes and birdbaths. Ed was appreciated for his endless good humor, but gained a loyal following through his hard work and pride in craftsmanship. This solid foundation continues today with the third generation of family active in the business.


Klassen Concrete has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the families and companies it serves. The garden accessories have disappeared, but Klassen Concrete now specializes in all residential and light commercial concrete applications. We have a talented team with proven skills in creating distinctive and decorative hardscapes including interior and exterior architecture, furnishings, patios and driveways. Our commercial work includes parkade restoration.


Klassen Concrete is committed to provide quality work and foster positive relationships with clients and suppliers. From estimate to completion you can rely on us for a timely and professional contractor experience. Our team is always a call or click away, we look forward to hearing from you.

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