Vertical concrete

Finishing up some interior faux concrete beams and walls

A work in progress

A unique table with a smooth finished concrete top and a beautifully hand crafted wooden base.

Here’s a little update

Can’t wait to see this retaining wall and water feature when it is all done.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung.  The dirt is dug.  Getting started on a little retaining wall.  Just a 100′ is all.   Great to be back outside doing our thing.

Counter Offer

Dr. Phil is at it again.  Another countertop in the making.  Working away on a reception desk for a client in Manitou.  It doesn’t end there.  We did the floors.  We are currently working on the reception desk.  Next up is an exterior sign.   I will continue to post pictures as the project processes.   To be con’t…….

A Little Rough Around The Edges

This is a project we recently completed.  Love the raw chiseled edges on this fireplace mantel and the counter edge.  It gives a real rustic and natural feel.  Timing was key in removing the frame work and hand chiseling the edge.  Another master piece by our own Dr. Phil.

Did You Know….

Did you know that Thomas Edison held 49 patents for concrete and experimented with pre-cast concrete houses?  He also experimented with furniture, pianos and refrigerators.  Who knew?

Plan Ahead

It’s not to early to plan ahead.  Only 43 days until the first day of spring.  This is a pool we did circa 2011/12 out in Royalwood.  Cool off in the pool during the day and relax by the fire in the evening.  All this could be yours.

A Look Back

Back in November I posted a few pictures of interior work we were doing for a great couple in Deerpoint.   Here is an updated picture of their kitchen with before and after shots.  What an amazing transformation.   I look forward to posting more updated photos of this project as it is completed.


We recently had the privilege of working with the great people over at Freightliner.   In the new Transolutions and Freightliner PDI Centre we did an Ultrafloor system.   A method of grinding and polishing.  This technique makes the floors stronger and hard wearing.    This floor will not only be easy to maintain it will have a long long life.