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Lasalle wonder yard

This concrete project and yard was one year in the making. Here’s a quick post of some of the severely cool things we did on this here job.  Sweet couple, dynamite concrete, killer yard…….. can you beleive there’s more to come??!!!!  Oh, and yeah…..Samson pools is the bomb yo


Fantastic pool and yard

We poured this deck for the good people at Samson pools- but what a good time we had doing extra work for this client and his family!  Every now and again you get some cool creative ideas on how something should look.  We talked to our clients about it and they knew something was up because we were so excited about it.  Finally they said ‘go’ and oh we did……….

We’re pretty happy with this concrete and landscape project.  We’re even happier we passed the cool clients expectations.  Sadly, the clients wife gave birth during our construction phase and missed out on a 50% reduction in our costs.  All she had to do was name her baby boy Superrando.  You think she’d jump at that one.  hhhmmhhh.

Fam Jam gathering


Always good to have some relatives pop by- My brothers wife and (awesome) daughter flew in for a visit and of course that means FOOD and hanging out.  Great night for it too as the mosquitoes were at a planning meeting and weren’t around handing out flyers and stuff.  By now you should have figured out- it’s not about the concrete you know…….  big things coming!!

when a girl grabs your camera


one day my daughter Megan showed up on the job site.  She’s not scared to grab  the tools and have at er- or grab my camera and show me what’s up……..

good Monday pour!


always nice to start the week off right with an excellent pool pour- complete with custom cantilever edge!

Rain day #2


With nothing better to do, I grabbed my camera and stepped under the overhang and took a few shots of bird feeders, plantings, my rendition of iron man, and….well just stuff.  Next week looks good and we’re going to start killing it.  Can’t believe May is gone already and June is here.  I was just on Skype with my son who is in Europe and told him he actually hasn’t missed that much at work- because we haven’t really gotten rolling yet.  I have heard this is the case around the industry right now.  It’s not that it’s slow, or a bad economy- just a poopy spring and a late start.

Hang on to your hats folks!

walk around midtown


I had an hour to kill between meetings and found myself in the beautiful exchange area, so I grabbed my camera and 50mm lens and did some street shots.  I’m trying to learn how to open up the lens and create interesting shots with a blurred background.  Kind of fun- and it really puts an interesting spin on what many consider to be a blah poopy end of town…. I happen to think it’s pretty sweet, and full of very cool things- even if Tetrault does work there.  Any who, here’s what I saw looking through my lens.  It’s not concrete, but it’s interesting where you get inspiration from these days……..

Louis the Great Sidewalk!

It’s so much fun working with people that get it.  They have a good handle on design and architecture- and want a certain look.  These are the people you go the extra distance for, and want to hear ideas from.  Such is our tale for some simple sidewalks in a quiet part of St Boniface- for an incredible client.  Here are some simple pictures from a cool project, that explored every possible angle and curve, stamp, texture and….. well, let’s just say- in the end Frank Lloyd Write won out.  As he should.  As he should.


Oaks upgrade!

Sweet job to start the outdoor season for some awesome peeps!  We did a grind and stain on the front steps, then tuned up the landscaping a bit along the drive with some tree inserts and a killer boulder wall. #somuchfun

All in a days work :)

great to be outside working again!!