Coming Along Nicely

A few weeks back I posted a few pictures of a driveway we were working on.   We have now moved inside to the garage.  Not your typical garage.  This one will have an upper and lower level.  It is going to be something great when completed.


What’s in the job jar?

Not just about beautifying Manitoba.   This week we sent a crew to Calgary.   We are working on a 14 story parking structure.  In the picture below you can see a process called Cold Planing – removing the surface of an existing pavement to a desired depth. 

Ramping It Up

This weeks feature is a gorgeous black granite driveway.   Not a regular driveway.  The one is three tiered.  Ground level, ramp and upper level.  How cool is that?

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Up In Smoke

This week’s job of the week goes to an outdoor fireplace on Olfert.  This is going to be a beauty when completed.  Here are a few shots of the progress.

Job of the week

I’m calling this the job of the week, but it’s more like the job of the month.  This place is going to be so cool when we are finished.

And Now For Something Completely Different

You know we can do awesome pool decks.  You know we can do cool interior floors.  You know we can do lavish landscaping.  But did you know we do concrete restoration too??  Our boys are hard at work over at the Carlton Parkade.  Honk when you drive by!!

Did You Know….

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Kenora Countertop

It’s hard to call this just a countertop.  It is so much more than that.  The top of the counter has “natural” look veins running through out.  The edges were hand chiselled to create a more rustic look.  It is spectacular!!!

Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday.  Here is a landscape and pool we did for an awesome family back in 2012

Weather Can’t Stop Us

Even in the dead of winter we are building dreams.  It all starts with a thought, moves to paper, then reality.